higher education

You did it. You took time off from school. Ultimately it was after college and before college, but even if you only thought you'd to do it before college, what is done is done. Today may be the first day of the rest of one's life and if life teaches us such a thing, it teaches us that people should always make an effort to improve ourselves through self growth and degree.

But now comes that important issue. How to proceed? If you take a glance at statistics, your peers decided to do activities which range from teaching the others, volunteering, or taking courses in unrelated points, completely right down to travelling and actual paid work which will be significant as actual work experience.

If you would prefer somebody else lead you by the hand, there are many organized plans for people getting year off, as well as only deferring entrance. Some are free, some expect one to spend them, and others are volunteer function focused.

Most cited purpose by people when planning on taking difference year was to feel more aged. Or simply to figure things out. To learn that they're proceeding in correct way in life.

Whatever you do, there's something you don't might like to do. That point is... nothing. Individuals who elect to spend their holiday do not reap the benefits of it. Rather the contrary happens. They get used to being lazy, and when they eventually attempt to attend school (or college) they find it more challenging as they're not used to the challenge advanced schooling requirements from their store.
higher education
Therefore spend some time off, have your fun, but do not forget about life. I'd personally propose exploring, backpacking through Europe if you are not from there, and through United States of America and Canada if you're from Europe.